Europe’s vaccine shortage

27 January 2021 • 09:30

Europe was feeling pretty good about its vaccine policy for COVID-19. But now, not so much. In fact, Europe is looking for a way out of a vaccine fiasco. It’s falling behind many other regions in the world, including the US and UK.

Barbara Wesel reports in Deutsche Welle:

The problem is that the vaccines were developed much faster than expected, and the companies don’t have the large capacities needed for production, said Jutta Paulus, a German health expert for the Green Party in the European Parliament. And the production processes can’t be created that quickly for MRNA-based vaccines like those by Pfizer and Moderna, either.

That’s leading to threats being thrown between the UK and EU. Benjamin Mueller and Martina Stevis-Gridneff write in the New York Times:

The feuding in Europe holds echoes of the dark, early days of the pandemic, when scores of countries banned or restricted the export of protective equipment and medical devices. Nearly a year later, far from abating, that spirit of protectionism has been exacerbated

Given that these vaccines were developed in record time and need to be shipped in record numbers, there will be some bumps. Hopefully, this is one of those bumps that will soon be a memory and won’t result in regrettable policy decisions.