Curating ideas during a pandemic

25 January 2021 • 23:45

Katerina Biliouri on how curating ideas for speakers during a pandemic helped her deal with the world falling apart these last twelve months:

As I helped them refine their talks, they reminded me of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions, investigative journalism, astrophysics and the grand unknown universe, fighting for democracy and against stereotypes in our lives. The unstoppable, uncontainable power of their ideas helped me recalibrate my compass, in ways they can’t imagine.

Katerina and I have had it better than most. Our income hasn’t taken a hit and we’ve been able to use every advantage we have to cope with the restrictions we’ve had to weather during this time. It hasn’t been easy, however. Even the tedium of coordinating our professional lives with our daily lives at home has added its own special challenges. I’m thankful that Katerina has been able to pull real support from the work she does, and hearing what the speakers she helps is up to is always a breath of fresh air for me.