One third of Germans don’t want vaccine

26 February 2021 • 00:00

From the you have to be kidding me department: 34 percent of Germans said they do not want to be vaccinated at all.

The Norstat Institute interviewed more than 1,000 adults at the end of 2020 for the poll. According to the Gütersloh-based Bertelsmann Foundation, the rejection of vaccination and restrictions on freedom is above average among people who are particularly performance and success-oriented.

Apparently, there’s also a strong bias to the brand of vaccine:

A recent survey by Spiegel on the topic found a significantly higher willingness of people in Germany to be vaccinated: 74 percent. However, the poll also showed that many people attach importance to a vaccine of their choice. The vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer received the highest approval rating.

And that shows up in the usage, as reported in the New York Times:

Two weeks after the first delivery of 1.45 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Germany, only 270,986 have been administered, according to data collected by the public health authority, the Robert Koch Institute.

Given that every vaccine out there is highly effective in preventing symptomatic and severe COVID-19, I can only shake my head. I’ll be happy to take whatever is on tap when my turn comes to get the jab.