Shopify purchases more direct air capture of carbon than any other company

9 March 2021 ā€¢ 18:00

Direct air capture of carbon is in its infancy. To help create a market for it, some companies have pledged to purchase carbon removal via direct air capture at any price. Shopify is currently leading the way.

We are sending a clear market signal that buyers are looking for permanent carbon removal and that large-scale DAC technology is a key solution to solve climate change. Additionally, our purchases support the development of projects that combine DAC with standalone sequestration of atmospheric CO2, rather than enhanced oil recovery.

For this to really work, more companies need to follow on with their own purchase commitments. And, Iā€™d love for somebody like Klima to aggregate consumer demand for this. Every bit helps kickstart the market and scale the technology so that we can all benefit.