Breaking the Silicon Valley gender bias circle

7 March 2021 • 20:00

Gender bias comes in so many ways in our industry. It manifests itself in forms that identify as male just wouldn’t expect. Darja Gutnick shared her story from a few years ago about how she was treated at a Silicon Vally VC event:

As it turns out, a Russian-immigrant, female entrepreneur at a VC event was such a far-fetched idea that the hotel employee assumed I was a sex worker targeting wealthy VCs — not a founder looking for funding.

What a horrible thing to happen. I recently met (virtually, in these days of COVID-19) Darja, who’s a two-time founder and CEO of BUNCH. She’s the real deal with an idea that deserves to be heard on its own merits.

I wondered: do I really deserve to be here? The answer is yes — even if I have to exert serious mental energy to convince myself of this fact. But it shouldn’t be so hard — for anyone.

It shouldn’t be.