In a truck going down a mountainside

23 January 2021 • 11:00

German Virologist Christian Drosten is quite apprehensive about what might happen this spring and summer. The metaphor he uses is that we’re in a rickety truck driving down a steep mountain:

... and we don’t know what curves are coming up and whether the road is suddenly about to get steeper. We also don’t know how far we still have to go, but we do know that we absolutely have to avoid missing a corner. In a situation like this, closing our eyes doesn’t help. We have to keep going and do one thing in particular: Hit the brakes, even if they might be rusty.

Of course, the brakes we need to hit are to get the reproduction of the virus down. The R number in Germany is currently at 0.9. Drosten proposes to intensify our shutdown to reduce the number to 0.7 and give ourselves a chance of a better spring.