One third of Germans don’t want vaccine 💉
Increadibly, a high number of Germans don’t want to be vaccinated, and a sizable number are picky about which vaccine they get.

The problem with crypto art 🎨

Ready to go direct 🛍
Benedict Evans writes about the inflection point where consumers and brands are ready to go direct.

Kristina Lustig got the demotion she wanted 👩‍💻
Sometimes the best move on the career ladder is to change ladders.

All your base are belong to us 👾
Twenty years ago, the music video that propelled “All Your Base” into a full on meme arrived.

The great unbundling 💥
Benedict Evans looks at what it means as the tech industry enters its second 50 years.

Spotify goes Work From Anywhere (WFA) 🧑‍💻
Spotify joins the remote work movement that’s sweeping the tech industry.

Klarna launches bank accounts in Germany 💶
Swedish fintech Klarna moves beyond buy-now, pay later.

How many people has nuclear energy killed? ☢️
Nuclear energy makes a lot of people uncomfortable for a lot of reasons.

A seven node compute cluster in a box 🤯
The Turning Pi allows you to create a seven node cluster in a box.

Visual Studio Code 1.53 is out, without final Apple Silicon support 🧑‍💻
The latest VSCode is out, but Apple Silicon is still only supported in the Insider’s build.

Keep breathing 😷
Bryan Jones photographed the 7AM shift change at the Univeristy of Utah Hospital’s Medical Intensive Care Unit.

How Netlify does developer advocacy 🧑‍💻
Sarah Drasner on how her organization and Netflify works.

Microsoft’s climate moon shot, one year later 🚀
Brad Smith’s report on Microsoft’s committment to being carbon negative by 2030.

BlastDoor is an awesome security feature name 💥
Samuel Groß documents Apple’s new iMessage sandbox.

Using Plausible analytics 🕵️
Plausible bills itself as a lightweight and open-source tool that’s privacy minded.

Eternal Septemer arrives on Wall Street? 📈
It’s no suprise that gleeful online horders are turning the market upside down.

Europe’s vaccine shortage 💉
Europe was feeling pretty good about its vaccine policy until the start of the new year.

Curating ideas during a pandemic 💡
Katerina and I have had it better than most, but it still takes a lot to hold it together during this pandemic.

10 years ago in Cairo
Zeneyp Tufekci’s memories of the Arab Spring.

Today’s Brownie 📷
Photography’s real power comes from the fact that anybody can do it.

iFixit’s AirPods Max tear down 🎧
iFixit’s latest teardown really features the beautiful work by Apple’s team.

In a truck going down a mountainside 🦠
A metaphor to describe the current state of what might happen this spring and summer in Germany.

Fauci unleashed 😅
Watching Dr. Fauci’s recovery as the new administration takes charge is a joy.

Shot on iPhone 12 📱
An incredible collection of portraits, cityscapes, and the night sky.

The way that Trump used Twitter 🤬
The toxic brutality of the way Trump used Twitter is on display in the New York Times compilation of his insults.

The myth of German order 🤦
Germany isn’t nearly as orderly as its international reputation suggests.