Hello UltraFine 4K

16 February 2021 • 16:00

The biggest drawback of the Apple Silicon M1-based MacBook Pro in day-to-day use at home is the screen. It will be perfect for café computing, when we can do that again and be lovely for airplanes when we can travel, too. However, it’s no match for the bigger 27" display on my almost six-year-old iMac 5K that‘s been the center of my desk.

Until now, I haven’t minded that because the iMac was the fastest machine in my current collection. That’s not the case anymore. Since I can’t use the 5K iMac’s display as an external screen, that left me wondering what to do.

One day, I might go nuts and get the Pro Display XDR, but it’s actually too big a display for my current work area. And let’s not mention the price tag. So, for now, I really just want a 24" display. If Apple had a baby 4K version of their Pro Display, I’d be all over it.

So, I did the next best thing. I picked up the LG 24" UltraFine 4K display with macOS compatibilty. By Mac-compatible, they really mean that it has two Thunderbolt 3 and three USB-C ports and can charge up your Mac when you plug it in. And, it’s capable of P3 color.

In just a few minutes of use, I’m pretty satisfied with it. More than I expected, actually. The screen is big enough for serious multitasking, yet small enough that it lets my desk breathe a bit. The color is gorgeous for photo and video editing. And the simple one-plug display and charge capability is great to have a non-Apple device.

My one complaint might be the way it wiggles on its stand. There’s a little bit of rotational play there. However, the display comes with a VESA mount plate, so that’s pretty easy to fix later and put it on something more flexible to boot if I find the wiggle too annoying.

Verdict: A lovely display that pairs great with the Apple Silicon 13" MacBook Pro.