Hello Shopify! 🎉
Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to start a new job at Shopify as Technical Advisor to the CEO.

Preparing for my next role 🧑‍💻
Now that I’ve wrapped up my time at Microsoft, my attention is shifting towards my next job and getting ready for it.

The cost of startup cloud credits 🚀
Credits are tempting and who doesn’t like free? They do, however, come with a cost that might hurt later if you’re not paying attention up front.

Hello UltraFine 4K 🖥
Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have a baby version of their Pro Display XDR, so I did the next best thing I could and picked up the LG UltraFine 24" 4K

Entirely predictable, yet sad 🙈
I’d have a lot more sympathy for McConnell’s argument if he was backing up that speech by actually doing something to bring some other process to bear.

The case of aaaabbbcca 🧩
Implicit in a recent pointer to a code puzzle was the fact that a test-driven approach would be perfect. So, I dove in.

Leaving Microsoft 👋
After over five years at Microsoft, February 28th is my last day. It’s bittersweet to be departing now, but I’m so looking forward to what’s next.

Now building with Next.js 🧑‍🏫
I’ve rebuilt my website with Next.js and found it to be more interesting than I expected. Much more interesting.

Code interviews and ego fails 🤦
You can have worked for decades in software development, and still be tripped up by a code interview.

How do I work best? 🧑‍💻
I’ve been asking some basic questions of myself lately, including how do I like to work and what I’m looking for when thinking about what to do next.