Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Microsoft Create startups tour arrives in Paris next Tuesday. If you’re going to be in Paris next week, be sure to register and come by for the afternoon.

I’ll be giving a talk titled “Building your technology roadmap.” It’s aimed at technology leads or first-time startup CTOs. Here’s the abstract:

As a startup engineer, you need a different roadmap than what would be useful in a more established organization. Instead of building a robust set of skills in a narrow area, you need to be able to leverage a lot of different technologies that operate at different levels, and an understanding of how they fit together across both the client and server.

We’d love to give you a universal roadmap, but every startup has a different set of technical needs to get from ideation to product-market fit. You’re going to have to build your own specific roadmap as you go. What we can do is give you our opinionated viewpoint on some of the most critical technologies that we think should be on your roadmap, including functions as a service (aka serverless), containers, data storage, and mobile frameworks.

Even if a listener doesn’t end up using any of the technologies we talk about, or even if they don’t use them on Azure, my intent is to give the listener enough information to consider what should be on their technical roadmap as a startup developer in 2019.