It takes a highly adaptable person who is driven to try something new, willing to fail, and then give it another go to thrive in the startup world.

I work with CTOs and software architects at startups through the Microsoft for Startups and the Microsoft Cloud Advocates programs. I provide advice and help them prioritize, focus, and think deeply about their work. I also take my observations and learnings back into my group at Microsoft to help create better platforms for startups.

I believe the fundamentals of startups are more common than not, no matter where on the globe they are. Of course, there are essential differences in culture, financing, and go-to-market challenges. These differences do have a significant effect on the velocity that’s possible for a startup and the economy it participates in. Despite that, the basic life cycle from ideation to product-market fit to growth remains the same. And so do most of the challenges that CTOs and architects face as their startups grow.