Hello Shopify! 🎉

Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to start a new job at Shopify as Technical Advisor to the CEO.

Preparing for my next role 🧑‍💻

Now that I’ve wrapped up my time at Microsoft, my attention is shifting towards my next job and getting ready for it.

The cost of startup cloud credits 🚀

Credits are tempting and who doesn’t like free? They do, however, come with a cost that might hurt later if you’re not paying attention up front.

Hello UltraFine 4K 🖥

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have a baby version of their Pro Display XDR, so I did the next best thing I could and picked up the LG UltraFine 24" 4K

Entirely predictable, yet sad 🙈

I’d have a lot more sympathy for McConnell’s argument if he was backing up that speech by actually doing something to bring some other process to bear.

The case of aaaabbbcca 🧩

Implicit in a recent pointer to a code puzzle was the fact that a test-driven approach would be perfect. So, I dove in.

Leaving Microsoft 👋

After over five years at Microsoft, February 28th is my last day. It’s bittersweet to be departing now, but I’m so looking forward to what’s next.


Non-fungible Swift

Only Taylor Swift can declare an album “Taylor’s Version” and assign that value.

Next.js goes to 10.1

The next version of Next.js is out, featuring three times faster refresh, fewer dependencies, and a commerce integration with Shopify.

What comes after software disrupts

At a certain point, we’re all natives of this technological world. That’s when the real magic will happen.

Germany’s third wave is on the way

COVID incidence rates are on the rise here in Germany, and it looks like we’re headed for another round of lockdowns.

Shopify purchases more direct air capture of carbon than any other company

Direct air capture of carbon is in its infancy, but we can create a market for it with enough demand.